Mill Intelligence for Suppliers to Forest Products Mills

RISI's Mill Intelligence Service can help you generate greater ROI on your sales and marketing initiatives, identify and avoid high-risk business relationships, and assist in new product research and development.

Sales & Marketing

Uncover new business opportunities, research prospects and prioritize your sales efforts more effectively.

  • Identify mills that can benefit from your products and services by viewing entire mill production processes in flow sheets.
  • Create customized prospect lists by mill, including key personnel contact information.
  • Search for mills using specific criteria such as:
    • Pulp, paper and energy equipment type
    • Fiber, furnish, energy and chemicals consumption
    • Location
    • Grades and products produced
    • Capacity
  • Research mill consumption and gain cost transparency for contract negotiation.
  • Identify new mill projects which offer profitability potential, such as new development, expansions, rebuilds and conversions.
  • Anticipate mill changes which will negatively impact your budgeted sales, including idles and closures.
  • Create custom sales presentations by modeling the improvements your services would make at your prospects' mills.

Research and Development

Research mills, machines and markets to better understand ways to serve key accounts and top prospects.

  • Analyze historical mill investments to determine equipment age, productivity, competitiveness and potential for new capital investment.
  • Identify potential opportunities to serve regional markets struggling with higher input costs by providing them with cost-saving solutions.

Risk Management

Avoid extending credit to mills at high-risk of closure by assessing that risk within different markets.

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