Mill Intelligence for Forest Products Producers

RISI's Mill Intelligence Service can help producers be more effective in strategic planning, mill operations and sales & marketing initiatives.

Strategic Planning

Identify opportunities for improvement and growth. Determine competitive threats.

  • Compare your costs to those of your competitors and better understand how you compete in similar markets.
  • Identify competitive threats, including assets operating at significantly lower cost than yours. Discover why their costs are lower and how you might change your production model to compete more effectively.
  • Find opportunities for cost and process improvements.
  • Assess the financial health of your assets and model the impact of projected market changes on their profitability.
  • Anticipate opportunities to gain market share and assess risk of closure.
  • Conduct merger and acquisition analyses to evaluate the impact on your mills and their market competitiveness.

Mill Operations

Analyze mill production processes to identify best practices and opportunities for improvement. Evaluate equipment standards for potential conversion opportunities

  • Review mill labor productivity to better understand your labor efficiency compared to your competitors.
  • Compare your machine productivity, technical age, width and speed to others producing the same products.
  • Discover new best practices by reviewing comprehensive mill manufacturing process flow sheets, equipment data and input consumption details.
  • See how market leaders maximize their operational efficiency and minimize costs.

Sales & Marketing

Learn how to best position yourself against competitors. Anticipate how changes in market conditions will impact budgeted sales.

  • Track changes in the supply landscape, such as closures, restarts, idles and new capacity. Model the impact on global and regional markets.
  • Evaluate fluctuations in exchange rates, prices and regional costs to understand how they can impact your mills and your competitors.
  • Determine whether a different product mix could be more profitable by analyzing the cost competitiveness of similar machines producing different products.
  • Find the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Use this information to help position yourself in the marketplace.

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